Neapolitan Festival

Neapolitan Festival Registration Form

Please read the rules and regulations & piano syllabus CAREFULLY before completing this entry form. It is the responsibility of the teacher and the entrant to register in the correct classes. The competitors name must be provided. If there are any changes to your current address, phone number or email following the submission of this entry form, please notify the office at to ensure that you receive all relevant information about your participation. Notes about participation: You MUST include the timing for ALL “Own Choice” selections. Only ONE partner or group member fills in an entry form.
Please click here for a downloadable PDF for registration if you prefer and mail to:

Neapolitan Festival Registration Form

By submitting an entry, competitors confirm that they have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions given in the general Rules and Regulations in the Syllabus and also the Section-specific rules given in the Syllabus at the beginning of the Section(s) entered.

Teacher Information

Festival Events - Please Select NO MORE THAN 3 classes from the syllabus. Read over your selection description carefully to ensure you meet all the requirements.

If you are planning to pay via mail please check the box bellow. Otherwise after you have submitted your application, please proceed to the payment page. Applications without proof of payment will not be accepted.

After you submit your application Click here to proceed with payment.

[Applications without proof of payment will not be accepted. Thank you for your attention in this regard.]


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